Automatically update placeholders across multiple presentations



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    Darius Aleksas
    Iain, same presentation can be played on multiple players at once. Any changes to that presentation will be pushed to all the connected screens. Also, you can use Google Sheets widgets in different presentations to get the same data from one Google Sheets file. This way to can distribute the same information to multiple screens playing different presentations. How to enter data to the Google Sheets file is a different topic. You can enter it manually or somehow make it gather automatically from different sources.

    One thing to consider is the network. WiFi may not work properly when frequent and time-sensitive data updates are necessary. 'Ethernet over powerlines' also may not work well. You will need 'wired' Ethernet connection for such system to work reliably. I do not really want to say that it could not work on WiFi, but you gonna need to set dedicated WiFi channel for it with good WiFi router and make sure that all the players can access it unobstructed. I also suggests making sure that all the other network components are adequate and reliable.
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    Iain Brew
    Hi Darius. 
    Thanks for the response. So, basically the best thing for me to do is setup presentations which all point to a Google Sheet where common data can be shared, thus updating multiple presentations at the same times.

    I understand I can have one presentation on multiple screens, it's more having multiple presentations on multiple screens with common elements. In my example above, I have a large directory board showing multiple rooms, but then smaller boards dedicated to the rooms - this info should be the same.

    I'll check out the Google Sheets option, and look into the "embedded presentations" option too

    I will be deploying professional grade displays and either Intel NUC or Dell SFF pcs on a gigabit wired network on Avaya switches. 
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    Darius Aleksas
    Iain, there is also another way to do that. You can make simple webpages and pull them to presentations with the Web Page widget. I, personally like this approach for more complicated projects. There are some advantages to that: Updating styles for multiple webpages at the same time is much easier then updating each separate presentation. You would have more control over the structure and style of information within webpage as compared to the Google Sheets Widget (it really has very limited settings). The only thing you need to figure out is how each webpage gets info updated automatically.

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