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    Mike Thomas
    Hi UDA Dev,

    It sounds like you might be using the RVA Classic Editor. We have evolved this product to the new Editor, which is available in the Apps Page, at Just click Presentations, and add a new Presentation. With the evolution of the Editor, we have deprecated many of the Classic Editor's functions, like "items" and "gadgets", in favor of the widget standard we now use. As a result, the image item in the RVA Classic Editor was recently updated to use the image widget to add content. Check out our Help Center article on how to add content to the Classic Editor. 

    Add Content using the Classic Editor

    Regarding the use of the Classic Editor moving forward, I advise converting your Presentations over to the new widget standard using the new Presentations editor. As we add features, or improve existing ones, there may be times where functions in Classic Editor break, and as it is deprecated we may not repair their functionality. I've included a link to two articles below on how to update your Presentations:

    My Presentation contains unsupported content
    Update content from a Gadget or Item to a Content Widget

    Mike Thomas
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