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    Robb Price
    Hi there Zack,

    I think you may benefit from this discussion about Google Slides. 

    Let me know if that helps!
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    Darius Aleksas
    Zachary, build a custom web page with embedded Google Slides in it. Use the Web page Widget to pull it to your presentation where you can adjust the refresh time.

    There is another reason I do it this way. Embedded Google Slides come with black contour line and Google branding at the bottom. I do the math and make slides just a hair larger then I need. I later clip them in the Widget so none of that is visible.
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    Les Earwood
    Hello Rob,

    The article you referenced "answered" Zack's question by stating "Remember: you must restart your media player by hitting the ‘Restart Player’ button on your display’s page in order to see changes made to your slides." Zack asked if he could edit the refresh frequency.  Is there a yes or no answer to that other than having to make all my teachers learn how to use RiseVision? I would like to simply point RiseVision to the teachers google slide show and have their edits DYNAMICALLY update without having them go into RiseVision every time they make a minor change.
    What is the default refresh rate... how often does RiseVision "check in" for edits, if at all?
    Darius mentioned that we could adjust the refresh time. What line do we have to insert into the html code to accomplish this?
    Did I over look something blatantly easy/obvious that would accomplish this?

    I work at a school and am trying to keep department presentation editors out of RiseVision (where their learning curve increase exponentially)

    Thanks for any help
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    Tyler Wight

    The refresh rate Darius is referencing is because he is using the Web Page Widget. To use the webpage widget you'll need a URL to put in so Rise Player can access it. You can see an image showing the refresh interval when using the Web Page Widget.

    By following Darius' advice you it will dynamically update to the webpage you create when the google slide is edited, and then Rise Player will refresh that web page whenever is set in the settings.

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