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    Darius Aleksas

    Marco, RV Pro App version is premium version of regular RV player https://store.risevision.com/product/2048/rise-player-professional?cid=77d65575-178b-499c-a476-eb66c5424a89 and is billed per each player. So, you can chose which player gets it and which not. RV is planning to introduce more features to it later on, but at this time the only worthy feature is 'offline' playback. What it means is the player must start with the Internet connection and download all the content, but it will keep playing it from cache if the connection is lost. The feature is limited, though. The content must be cache-able, so no stream, and there is a good deal of work to make it cache webpages. It is easy when you figured it all out, but for some reason RV provided incomplete template/instructions (maybe they updated that already; I have not checked lately).

    I am looking forward to see the new features such as white label and remote access introduced.

    It is also available in one of the RV Plans https://store.risevision.com/product/301/enterprise-plan?cid=77d65575-178b-499c-a476-eb66c5424a89

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    Marcos Villafuerte

    Thanks a lot Darius, one more question, when you said “What it means is the player must start with the Internet connection and download all the content“, this means that its very first start must have internet until content is saved in cache?, what would happens if tomorrow (for example) I turn on my screen and there is no internet?


    This is a link of one of our presentation, this is an HML5 webpage, do you think there could be any problem working with Rise Vision Player PRO?


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    Darius Aleksas

    Marcos, that is exactly how Pro version works. It will keep on displaying content from cache even if the Internet connection is down. But it must download the content first and that requires the Internet connection.

    I do not see any issues with your webpage. It should work, but you must make it by following these guidelines: https://help.risevision.com/hc/en-us/articles/115003830563-Getting-started-with-Rise-Player-Professional?_ga=2.154922552.166736650.1511193689-1147082278.1510850107

    And this is some discussion regarding the issues with their example Pro-compatible webpage and GitHub content I've had: https://community.risevision.com/rise_vision_inc/topics/introducing-rise-player-professional

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    Tony Sehy

    Hey Darius,


    You seem to have quite a bit of experience with Professional.  I can't get it to turn on.  It seems to be caught in a loop.  I have 2 open subscriptions but when I try to turn it on with the switch they show that says "Rise Professional is off" it just takes me back to the plans and pricing page.  Have you seen this behavior at all? 


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    Darius Aleksas

    Tony, I am sorry I do not. I tested it once months time ago. That switch is something recent. Might be some bug or something. However, after giving a really quick look I would suggest you going at it through your RV Store account. Scroll down to Subscriptions and Click 'Details' link next to Rise Player Professional. On the next page, you will get an option to select players you want to run with the RV Professional version. It is only limited to the players under your main company. You cannot select (or I did not see how) players from your sub-companies. I hope that helps. I also will take a closer look at it tomorrow.

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    Robb Price

    Hey everyone,

    Tony brought up that bug up to us this morning in a Support ticket, and we have gotten it corrected. If anyone else has an issue with not being able to select a Display to run Rise Vision Player Professional when you have an Advanced or Basic Plan, please email us at support@risevision.com and we can jump on it.


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