Multiple screens connected to one media player?




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    Darius Aleksas

    Joe, yes you can use both ports to connect two displays for one large x2 resolution. As for presentation, you need to make one large presentation and split it in half for both displays. If you already have 2 presentations ready, then you can use Rise premium feature - Embedded Presentation Widget. Or, recreate both presentations in a single large presentation side by side for 2 displays. Finally, because RV does not like making things easy for us ))) you gonna need to follow these instructions here: in order for RV App to play your presentation correctly on two displays simultaneously.

    Not sure what content are you planning for your dual-screen presentation, but if it is not something extraordinary, then i3 NUC will do just fine.

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    Joe Pham

    Darius, thank you for the feedback.  That is very helpful!

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