Rise INTEL based NUC - Windows or Linux version ?



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    Kaden Christensen

    Hello Kevin!


    It really comes down to preference. If you don't have much experience with Linux, it may be best to go with Windows. Otherwise, both operating systems handle Rise Player equally well. The only quirk I'm aware of that is specific to the Linux version, is using touchscreens in portrait mode with Rise Player. At this time it does not work properly.

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    Darius Aleksas

    Kevin, they both work and work in their own way. If you are good with Linux and ready to deal with Linux issues then save yourself a few $$$. If you are not, like me, go with Windows. Windows 10 Pro OEM can be purchased for $30 (in case you are putting together machine yourself). Finally, you can always reuse Windows NUCs for something else such as small form factor PC, media player or simply sell it.

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