Issues with Intel Compute Sticks and the Windows 10 Creators Update



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    Darius Aleksas
    No such issues on 'wired' Intel Compute Sticks.
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    Liron Do
    is there any update on when this will be fixed?
    I just now got the microsoft update and see no wifi connections are available.
    and I see this post is from 2 months ago.

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    Tyler Wight

    Unfortunately we are currently not aware of a specific fix for this. This issue on on the Windows side of things so you may have some success contacting them. For now I can recommend the fix Robb suggested above.
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    Just Checkin
    Thank you so much for this fix ! I ended up downloading driver onto usb and installing on stick, after trying the fixes on the page you referenced. So glad I found your community / help.
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    Thanks so much for the fix!
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    I installed the 19.60.0 driver without first resetting the wlan adapter and after the reboot it worked fine again, but this is just from my own experience
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    Jason Gonzalez
    Excellent! It works!.  Thanks
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    Brad Old
    I had an old USB wifi stick sitting in a drawer.  I plugged that in, Windows found drivers to use and I was connected.  I then went into the device manager and updated the drivers for the internal Wifi.  Once that was done, I removed the USB wifi and it reverted to the in-built Wifi adapter.

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