getting TV into risevision



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    Alex Mullins
    If I was trying to tackle this, I think I would go with broadcasting to YouTube, Vimeo, or other established streaming service, and then embedding that video in a presentation. I think that would probably have the most reliable results. I'm not sure about their policies on Broadcasting TV channels, but maybe there's a solution with a private broadcast somehow or creating your own embeddable broadcast.
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    Jeff Siler
    Thx for ideas Alex; this seemed to throw up red flags when discussed back in the day, as it was falling into the rebroadcast zone.

    One of the chaps on the forum back in the day gave me a short Flash file that worked with a capture card so that nothing was being rebroadcast. Flash swf played and grabbed the local camera input to run the TV through e web widget.

    Does any of this ring bells for you folks on the forum?  I think the chap that helped me was from TX.
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    Jeff Siler
    Update - my techno guy was able to write me an html5 page that grabs video and audio stream from a camcorder and displays that in the web page.  However...

    It works fine and is full sized when running through a browser, but displays as a 640X480 video when running in a "Content by URL" asset.  I couldn't get it to display in a web  page widget at all.

    Is there a way to force the content by url to have a widthXheight of 1920X1080?

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