Image storage with a shared "dropbox" folder



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    Robb Price
    Hi there Eyal,

    We generally do not recommend Dropbox, one of the reasons why is mentioned in this article:

    Services like Dropbox are not designed for digital signage, and may throttle or block access to files that they determine are being used inappropriately. You can use any server or storage alternative you like, as long as your Display can access its files without having to authenticate.

    At this time, Rise Storage does not have "Drop/Share" folder functionality.

    I hope that helps!
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    Darius Aleksas
    Eyal, get online hosting, set folders for specific customers and store files in there for them. Decent online hosting is not that expensive anymore.

    Alternatively, Rise Vision Storage is rock solid and I use it, but until Rise Vision introduced more flexible file sharing/storing options (similar to online storage) I cannot recommend it for workflow you described in your post.
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    Eyal Radomsky

    Thanks a lot for all your advise.

    First the solution:
    MediaFire is offering several types of Links including a "Direct Link" and "FileDrop" folder which meets my requirements.
    A major downside of the FileDrop is that you can just upload a file to the directory but not see the content of the directory. 
    Simplest approach is to create for the customer a MediaFire account or develop your own content repository.

    Additional information about unsuccessful attempts; simply to save you folks time.
    In addition to Dropbox I also tried Hightail and Jumpshare;
    With all 3 I received the below Error message; I thought that this is a valid error message because the ending of the URL was indeed not with an image file format. 

    "Please provide the URL to a valid image. (jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, svg, gif)"

    I then tried a Mediafire Share Link which seemed perfect because they have a Shared "Drop" Folder which is exactly what I need AND the URL ends with .jpg

    Never the less, no success and still received the same Error message about the file format.

    I tried both the Image Widget and an Image Placeholder on all Storage services - no success.   
    The Image Widget has the option to click "Remove validation" for the file format; that also doest help.

    I think that much of the above headache could have actually been avoided if RV would have had a complete White Label offering including having my Domain name in the URL, because in some cases I prefer to be discreet about using a third party app. 

    Thanks a lot for everyone's support.



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