Javascript? HTML? CSS? PHP?



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    Mitchell Palermo
    Awesome answer. I've dabbled in W3 schools myself, but I wasn't sure if that was even a good place to start. Sometimes having too many resources can be crippling because you're not quite sure where to start.

    Thanks for the reply!
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    Darius Aleksas
    Google search:

    Mitchell, First few results will give you a good starting point for your learning curve. I personally learned many things from there, especially jQuery, which is fantastic tool for building interactive presentations.

    To your brad question I will give equally broad answer. You need to understand difference between HTML, CSS and JS. In general... HTML is your building blocks and it defines how and where they are stacked together; CSS defines what each block looks like (and sometimes acts), JS makes those blocks do various tricks.

    In general, each type lives in its own file, but they also can coexist within the same HTML file. It really depends and it is up to you to decide what is it gonna be. But for that you need to learn the basics. I say focus on HTML and CSS first. Leave JS for the last and see if you even want to open this can of worms...

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