Rise Player (beta) 2017.10.31 - Feedback Wanted



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    Darius Aleksas

    Downloaded and running this beta on two Win10/32 devices: Intel NUC and Intel Stick. All is good so far. Little things I could try out tonight worked fine. Will throw more things at them tomorrow.

    2 issues right off the bat: #1 Windows Defender did not recognized publisher and marked this app as potentially harmful. #2 Copy+Paste in Display ID field did not work; needed manual input.

    Question. No new features for testing/trying?

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    Alan Clayton

    Awesome! Thanks Darius. 

    We'll take a look at both the Windows Defender point and copy/past Display ID. Let us know if you see anything else. At this point no new visible features. The changes with this release are "under the hood" to support the new features we have coming. 


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    Alan Clayton

    The issue with Windows Defender flagging the installer as harmful has been corrected.


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    Andrew Cutler

    I upgraded a Raspberry Pi 3 with this version and everything is running fine including my standard test video clip and none of the excessive CPU with the last release.


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    Sander Lahpor

    Dear Alan,

    It seems I can reproduce an error on Ubuntu 16.04.3. Please see https://help.risevision.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115011329266-Player-Version-Out-of-Date-Can-Not-Update-RV-Software

    Player runs but is only partially visible in the dashboard. Can't restart or reboot via the dashboard.

    Your support would be appreciated.




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