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    Adrian D'Alimonte

    Hi Tony and Rachel!

    The order of your image slideshows will play numerically and then alphabetically based on the file names in your folders, as you've suspected.  I did want to highlight this message you'll see in your Preview tab:

    "Your media will appear in the order it is downloaded, and once all media is available it will show in the order specified in your Playlist."

    That means if you have AAA.jpg , BBB.jpg and CCC.jpg, it will play alphabetically. But if the Playlist gets to CCC.jpg and the server hasn't loaded it as soon as BBB.jpg is done playing, it will move to AAA.jpg and run through once more. Hope that makes sense! If not, I'd be happy to make a sketch. :)

    I've noted your suggestion for randomization within our roadmaps. I can see how that'd be handy for engaging Presentations!


    Product Designer, Rise Vision

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    Rachel Freeman

    I, too, would like a way to randomize the order of photos in a folder.

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    Tony Dellario

    Hi Adrian,

    Thanks for the explanation and for considering randomization! I understand that the playlist will restart from the beginning if the next item in the list isn't yet downloaded - that makes sense.

    Thanks again for the clarification!

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