Force Display to Get Updated Schedule



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    Darius Aleksas

    Ryan, under the normal circumstances, after you SAVED you new schedule, it gets pushed to the player right away. Id that is not happening, then it is really not the RV issue. You need to look closer at your local setup; network in particular. What is the hardware you are getting schedule updating problems with?

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    Blake Freeman

    Hi Ryan,

    Darius is correct, once you click Save on a Schedule it should be pushed to the Media Player within 30 seconds. If it goes past 2 minutes with no update, there is something afoot.

    Please go to the Display in your Rise Vision Company and check it's Player Version to ensure that it's up to date. Also, please check Rise Player network requirements to ensure your Media Player has access to all of the required resources.

    I am curious. Let's say you have a Schedule with one Presentation assigned to it. If you make a change to that Presentation, click save and publish, are those changes reflected immediately?

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