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    Adrian D'Alimonte

    Hi Tony!

    Thanks for pointing out your experience with the new Editor. I understand your point about the longer Playlist titles, and I'll make note of that in our roadmap of improvements.

    Can you give a little more info on what you mean by 'vertical' cutoff? If you can provide a screenshot of what isn't accessible, much appreciated!

    -Adrian D'Alimonte
    Product Designer, Rise Vision


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    Paul Mortimer

    Hi Tony,

    You can edit Playlist item titles without changing the original item in storage.

    If you'd rather not do that, maybe this would be helpful.

    I always work out my playlists in a Word doc before going to the Rise site (mainly to keep an equal time duration between some repeating items as I add new ones) so that would give you all the room you want horizontally & vertically.

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