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    Blake Freeman

    Hi Wade!

    In order to give a new user access to all of your Rise Vision Companies, you'll need to add that user to the root or parent account. Imagine you have one company named "Wade". "Wade" has 3 sub-companies, "Wade East", "Wade Central", and "Wade West." "Wade East" also has two sub-companies under it, "Wade NYC", and "Wade Boston". If you add the new user to "Wade", they will have access to all three sub-companies, as well as the two sub-companies under "Wade East". If you add that user to "Wade East", the user will only have access to "Wade East" and it's two sub-companies.

    Please see this article for more information on adding and managing users, and feel free to reply if you have any other questions.

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    Jeff Siler

    Is it possible for RV to do something so that a user can be added in by two different companies?

    Am trying to test out our white label version, and it won't let me add an existing user from another RV user.  Similarly, if they create a new gmail account, it won't let that RV user add them into their company if I've added them into the white label version.

    Can you relax the constraint to a user only being in one company?


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