Anyone else have occasional issues with Ubuntu on Intel stick running Rise Vision?




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    Tyler Wight

    Hi Jesse!


    I'm glad to see you have resolved a few of your issues! As for your problem with Wifi you can delay the startup of Rise Player by following the guide at this link.


    As for your issue with Rise Player showing on the desktop, this is usually caused by our watchdog not running, as we do monitor to see if Rise Player is running and try to open it if possible. I would suggest making sure your Rise Player is up to date (we roll out updates pretty often!), and even try uninstalling your existing install if you are still having issues. The easiest way to do that is to search for "uninstall" in the launch menu to find Uninstall Rise Player, or you can delete the folder "/home/rise/rvplayer". Note that 'rise' may be different if you have a different user.


    I hope this solves your issue!

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    Jesse Geron

    It turns out a couple of the white pages that I was getting were due to them being internal sites that used an internally signed cert. I installed the cert on the machine and they work now. All of the other issues still stand though.

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