Vertical alignment in Placeholders?




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    Adrian D'Alimonte

    Hi Johan!

    Glad you're enjoying the new editor so far!  Unfortunately I don't have a solution for what you're looking for at the moment, but completely get the flexibility of such an option. Noted!  Appreciate the feedback.

    I do have a bit of a hacky suggestion that might help with the 'pretty' situation:

    As you said, the text added is usually one or two lines.  I'm wondering if a shorter container would fit the bill? You'd still have a gap (if text did end up being one line on certain days), but it would save a lot of potentially wasted space.  Hope this helps a bit in the short term.

    - Adrian
    Product Designer, Rise Vision

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    Darius Aleksas

    Johan, this is a good idea and I thought about that myself. I do not use the text widget all that much, so I never brought this issue up. The text widget is a simple html text editor and in html the plaintext does not have vertical alignment property. You need to use some sort of additional html attributes, such as 'table' or something (the text widget allows html formatting or you can do that in the presentation's source code - HTML view). Then vertical alignment for text is possible.

    Anyway, there are easier, less elegant, ways to address this. You can simply add space above the text until it looks more or less centered... this is what I would usually do. It is dumb, but it often works.

    Also, you can use the Sheets widget for that too. Sheets are tables, so vertical centering is possible... it actually is a default setting.

    Another, more complicated, but really good option for librarians and secretaries to make 'beautiful' layouts is Google Slides. Get those incorporated in your presentation and you will have advanced text formatting options.

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    Johan Billing

    Thank you both; I will try to find the time to educate my "content creators" and also try to update my templates.

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