Professional Player countdown?




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    Alan Clayton

    Hi Darius, this was a mistake on our side that started yesterday. We've since corrected the issue and will be restarting trials for the Companies that were impacted. 

    Very sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks

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    Darius Aleksas

    Got it. Thanks, Alan.

    Just curious. So you are pushing Professional version with the new updates now? There will be no 2 version of the player app anymore?

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    Ray Durkin

    Hi Darius,

    There is Rise Player and Rise Player Professional. Professional is an upgrade.  There is one installer that is just Rise Player. You upgrade to Professional in the Rise app. and once upgraded, Rise Player will auto update to Rise Player Professional.

    The 2 version you are talking about is different - you get 2 player professional when you sign up for the Basic Plan.   I hope that makes sense - let me know if you need me to explain a different way.

    So - player professional is an upgrade to regular player.  You can do that any time to any display.  If you purchase a plan, it comes with a certain number of Professional licenses.

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