Title, content, photo - together?




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    Darius Aleksas

    Well, the easiest way is to have all that additional info in the same photo. You can add additional placeholders for the Name/Title and Text Blurb, and later time all of the corresponding elements in all of the placeholders identically. This worked rather very well for me. Although, there is some risk of elements going out of sync. The third option is to use HTML. Make a template where <div>'s background is an image and have the rest of elements on top of it. You can use HTML widget for that or external micro webpages pulled to the presentation with the Webpage Widget.

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    B Hynes

    The third option might end up being the easiest, since the photos and content have to come from some Web server somewhere anyway... (luckily I have a few).


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    Robb Price

    I'd have to agree with Darius and B :) The third option seems like it will accomplish what you want the quickest, and can be done easily with the HTML Widget.

    Let us know how you make out!

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