Playlist not playing in correct order in Schedule




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    Darius Aleksas

    David, initially Rise Vision must download your content and save it in the cache. Some items take longer to download than others. So those that aren't ready yet get skipped until Rise Vision has them all downloaded. This is how it works.

    What you can do to prevent this is:

    1. Use good wired network connection (cloud-based signage in general needs good internet connection)

    2. Items such as images and videos that take too long to download might need downscaling

    3. Allow each or just some items in the schedule to play longer (this will give RV more time to download the next item)

    4. A player with the better processor will compute and render faster. Data must be processed first.

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    Robb Price


    Darius is correct. You'll notice a message that shows up when you preview your Presentation, informing you that content will appear in the order it is downloaded until everything is available. Once it is all available, it will play in the correct order:

    This would be the same as on the Display, where it will display what can be downloaded / loaded first. Once all is loaded, it will begin playing in the correct order.

    I hope that helps!

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    David Fassler

    Thanks guys, I did some tests this morning and figured some things out, verifying what both of you have said.  My presentations with the full screen images had the first image set for 5 seconds, kind of a preload for the rest of the images.  I extended the time on this first image it forced the schedule to play in the proper order from the beginning.



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