Raspberry Pi Failing



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    Blake Freeman


    I've created tickets in your behalf as our developers would like to take a look. You're going to get a followup request from our Support team and they will ask for your Display IDs and possibly request a remote session on the Pis to do some troubleshooting. You should be hearing from us within the hour.

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    Chris Alley

    reinstalled again...  now its in a loop, crashing a few seconds after the countdown finishes.

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    IT Meeskond

    I have same or similar issue.

    Getting same kinda messages after uninstalling rvplayer then trying to reinstall it

    Gonna try reinstalling raspbian again from scratch, then rvplayer.

    Shouldn't have to do this....

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    Shannon Smith

    We are seeing this same issue with one of our players.  What was the resolution here?  Are there any steps we can take?

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    Chris Alley

    no resolution unfortunately...

    One of our Pis is fine and has been since we set it up.  But the other will only work for a few weeks... eventually Rise just stops loading.  Raspbian still boots to the desktop and seems fine...  Rise starts the countdown, but never launches the ap.

    Only definitive solution is to format and reinstall Raspbian & then Rise...  works fine after that.

    I've been told that some SD cards get corrupted...  but we've tried different ones.

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