Is there any info about setting up rise with touch screen



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    Darius Aleksas

    Brian... what player is that, Windows? Thing is that RV is actively killing a virtual keyboard in Windows as a security measure. Perhaps it used to work before with the older RV player versions. Today, if really needed, you would need to integrate a keyboard in your presentation... one or another way. Or, if possible, get around without it using a number of buttons to get in and out. Another option is to attach a real keyboard to the PC and use that, but do not forget then to allow interactivity.

    We just complained about that the other week. I cannot finish one very interesting project because of this issue. My option is to get Android tablet and use the third-party RV player on it.

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    Blake Freeman


    Any virtual keyboard would need to a custom software implementation or custom HTML in the Presentation. At this time we don't have any supported virtual keyboard solutions.

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