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    Albert L

    Hi, what is the easiest way to migrate to the new editor?  Do I manually have to recreate my presentations?

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    Darius Aleksas

    Albert, not really. Unless there was something from the old editor that does not get support in the new editor, such like old gadgets. For the most, it is just getting used to the new user interface.

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    Robb Price


    No need to recreate the Presentation entirely, however, you do need to replace the deprecated content with supported content, which you can do easily in the classic editor ( by following these steps:

    I hope that helps!

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    Eric Cavanaugh

    How can you tell which items are deprecated?

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    Darius Aleksas

    Eric, not entirely sure, but I believe it is text scroller and anything that say ITEM instead of WIDGET.

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    David Podlaseck

    I have displays using both MAC and Windows (Intel Compute Stick) computers so I have presentations using both the old and the new editor.  My issue is going to be the displays that are using a MAC.  Currently using the RiseVision Chrome App to run those presentations as there is no separate MAC application to run presentations using the new Editor.

    Will there be a MAC app to run the presentations under the new editor ? I really like the ease of using Rise Vision, but I don't want to go to using 2 applications for the 2 different displays.

    I may have to drop Rise Vision altogether.  Some of these presentations on the MAC are for employee information and I can push them to their computers to display.  

    I don't even see the Rise player for Chrome anymore.  


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    Kaden Christensen

    Hi David!

    Unfortunately, there is no Rise Player application specifically for MacOS. The current version of the Chrome App Rise Player is going to be replaced by an official version of Rise Player for ChromeOS sometime this summer, and it will only run on ChromeOS devices. With that in mind, there will no longer be a version of Rise Player that runs on MacOS. As of right now, Rise Player officially supports the following Operating Systems:

    • Windows 7 / 10 
    • Ubuntu 16.04 
    • Raspbian Jessie with Pixel

    I would recommend switching the MacOS devices over to a Media Player running one of our supported Operating Systems if you would like to continue using Rise Player.


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    Zalman Kagan

    So old gadgets will no longer work in the new editor. How about continuing to use gadgets via the HTML source? Would that be supported? 



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    Colby Maughan

    Hello Zalman,

    Unfortunately that would be something we're not able to support. As Rise Player and the Rise Editor are updated, old gadgets will continue to become more and more obsolete. If any issues came up with them that would need developer intervention we'd be unable to assist, as our developers are now focused on the newer Widget system.

    If you need some tips or assistance with migrating old content to newer widgets, feel free to send a ticket in using our Help Center and we'll be glad to give you a hand. :)

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