Facebook Feed Widget has stopped working




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    Robb Price

    Hi everyone!

    SMARTplayDS informed us yesterday that they finally received feedback from Facebook regarding the status of the Facebook Feed Widget. They are continuing to work with Facebook to ensure it does not violate any public content access policies, and will update us when they have further information.


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    Kye Pope

    How do we request a refund for the last month it was not working?

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    Colby Maughan

    Hello Kye,

    All you need to do is submit a ticket through our Help Center and we'll get that refund taken care of for you ASAP. :)


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    Javier Gomez

    Hi! I am Javier, from SMARTplayds, the developers of the Facebook widget app. 

    I have finally good news to share. We fixed the Facebook widget. You will need to restart your player (or players) to make it work again.

    I owe you also a big BIG BIG apology. 3 months without the service is a long long time. 

    To give you a little bit of context here, our widget stopped working suddenly. We learned that Facebook was updating their API policy due to the various scandals they suffered. They asked us to resubmit our APP (where we get the API key to connect to Facebook and access the content of the Facebook Pages) for review. We did it and wait for feedback. 

    Facebook took a while to reply and they did not accept our submission. They didn't give us clear instructions on how to submit our application to make it successful. We tried again and had to wait again. No success.

    We tried then to find a fix or workaround with our team of developers. They tried several methods and failed.

    Finally we requested help to Facebook API experts. One of them helped us find a workable solution. We changed our script and employ now a different method to call for the Facebook API data and managed to solve the problem.

    The process has been long and painful and I feel bad for letting our users and Risevision (who host our widget and trusted us in the first place) down. 






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    Robb Price

    Wonderful! Thanks for letting us know Javier!

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