Why Google Sheets Widget has 'For Licensed Displays' tag



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    Darius and Joe, thanks for posting. We are moving some of our traditionally free content to licensed content. That includes the Google Spreadsheet, Google Calendar, and Web Page widgets. We don't have a set date as to when that will be yet but we will be providing at least 6 months notice before we turn on that licensing.

    We just released this new pricing yesterday and in the process of collecting feedback so I appreciate the posting. If you'd like to have a call with us regarding your current setup and what the pricing changes mean please send us a note here https://www.risevision.com/contact-us.


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    Joe Kirchner

    I'm seeing this as well...there are 2 Web Site Widgets out there now...one is the regular Web Page Widget and the other just says Web Page and is in the For Licensed Displays section.

    What's even more concerning is that when viewing the Plans...Web Page is listed under paid plans and not under the Free plan that it has been in since inception.


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    Darius Aleksas

    Well... certainly our sales are gonna have to look into this because I have no clue how we can slap a fee on displays installed like 4-3 years ago ))) At least consider not doing that before you introduce official player for Chrome.

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    Derek Smith

    "We just released this new pricing yesterday ..."


    Where can I find this pricing?

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    Robb Price


    Any Companies with existing subscriptions will not be affected by this until their subscriptions renew. For example, If you purchased a plan prior to June 12, 2018, your price will not go up for at least one year, so not before June 12, 2019. If you purchased your plan on say March 1, 2018 your price will not go up until your renewal on March 1, 2019.

    I hope that helps clear some confusion, and as always, we appreciate the feedback.

    Derek, you can find the new pricing here: https://www.risevision.com/pricing


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    Eric Ferguson

    Thanks for clarifying this: I also saw the notice and wondered what was up. It seems reasonable to suggest charging for Google Sheets and other widgets which require maintenance and server resources, but I'd like to suggest that the "web page" widget should remain free, in the spirit of providing a basic platform for people to show their own content, if they're willing to host it themselves.  

    I know that the HTML editing capbilities of RiseVision essentially achieve this in other ways, but the web page tool is just so nicely implemented, especially with its GUI for auto-refresh. I hope you'll consider keeping it free! 

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    Darius Aleksas

    Is there 'the date' in the air already... I do not want to miss it.

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