RSS Widget failing to load content



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    Kaden Christensen

    Hello Richard,

    I've created ticket to investigate why you're seeing this behavior with the RSS Widget. You should receive an email from me shortly.


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    Thanks Kaden

    To anyone who finds this, this was actually a non issue, we were running a player version three months old, updating to the latest version resolved the issue.

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    Patrick Arsenault

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for getting back to us to let us know!



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    Paul O'Reilly

    On review, we did have some questions we'd like to ask.

    Our current process is to install RisePlayer onto Debian, as we find using fvwm a better option than Ubuntu's desktops. Via a very minimal install, we are able to use touch screens and keyboards when needed for our displays and have confidence that users cannot start other applications and that notifications like a new printer being added to the network do not show on the digital signage.

    Do you have official support for running on Debian as well as Ubuntu? 

    I'd also be very interested to know if you have a standard Ubuntu setup guide / deployment script with a cut down windows manager that can simplify setting up signage with ubuntu as a base as seems recommended? 

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