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    JR Kuchta

    Hi Ed, 

    I know that Sam reached out to you by phone, but I wanted to also post here so there was a response to this message.

    The reason for the increase on your bill is that the subscription for Storage is no longer available as a stand alone subscription, but is included with each Plan. We had automatically upgraded your account in February to our least expensive plan at the time, the Basic Plan. In addition, we sent out email notifications in February and March informing of the upcoming billing change.

    Then in June, to make Rise Vision even simpler and more effective, we introduced new all-inclusive plans that will provide access to all our features and support for each display with a Display License. As you mentioned, the Basic Plan now includes 3 Display Licenses.  A Display License provides Support, Storage, Templates, Display License Features (Offline Play, Display Control, and Display Monitoring) and very soon access to the premium widgets.  You can still have free displays which includes text, image and video by URL, RSS, Time & Date, and HTML.
    We also released the Starter Plan in June for display networks with just one display.  I see that you have switched to this plan since it appears to be a better fit for you.  
    Our goal at Rise Vision is to create an environment where our users can be as successful as possible using our product and we're confident that our new plan structure will allow this to happen.
    Thank you for your feedback and thanks for using Rise Vision.
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    Dan Hodlick

    It looks like the free player is still there, but has been stripped of most of the capabilities that it previously had access to. If so, this is very - very - troubling.

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    Edward Hobbs


    Thanks for clearing up my confusion.  I understand that business plans sometimes have to change and you have to do what's necessary to maintain you product. The new plans seem perfectly reasonable to me.  I would only comment that the next time you find you need to change your model that you notify customers beforehand.  I searched my emails to make sure I had not missed an announcement but found nothing.

    Regardless, thank you for your quick response.


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