Now Google Calendars, videos and images are pay-to-play?


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    Thanks for the feedback. I manage the team that is responsible for reviewing and making our pricing decisions and wanted to personally reply to your concerns.

    First let me address your specific question about having to pay for using the Google Calendar widget, slideshows, video playback and other widgets. The short answer is yes you will have to pay if using Google Calendar or our unlimited Storage to do image or video slideshows. We still have our Free offering that allows you to host your own images for videos and use our entire content management system to run your multi-display network for Free. We feel this is still a very robust set of functionality that we offer for Free.

    As for your comparison of us to ransomware. I have to respectfully and strongly disagree. You have choices, we aren’t holding anything hostage. You have a choice to use our Free offering as described above. You have a choice to use our paid services for a very competitive price. And most importantly you have a choice to not use Rise. We don’t hold our users to any long term contracts and services can be cancelled at anytime.

    We offer a comprehensive product for a very competitive price. To continue to do this we are always reviewing and evaluating how we can keep our services at the most competitive price point for our users. As part of this most recent review we made the choice to continue to simplify our pricing, move to per display pricing, and include all our paid functionality across all paid plans. We also made the choice to move some of our free content into paid plans as well. With that said we are now focusing on how we can add more functionality and value to our paid plans.

    Again, thanks for the feedback. We are continuously learning from our feedback loop with users to make better product, pricing, etc.

    We are happy to talk one-on-one to go through your specific account, the impact of the changes, and help in anyway we can.


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