Classic Editor & Display Screenshots broken




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    Paul Mortimer

    Forgot to add, we did try Incognito mode and the problems persisted.

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    Patrick Arsenault

    Hi Paul,

    Our Classic Editor at has never supported logging in with a non-Google account -- the feature is only supported in the new app.  My best guess is that the user may have been previously logged into their Chrome browser using a Google account, which may have been carrying them through the login.

    As for Display preview, I did some quick testing and it looks like the Display Administrator permission is required in order to use Display Preview.  This isn't supported by our help center article on user permissions so I think it might be a bug -- thanks for bringing it to my attention!  In the meantime, grant the user Display Administrator permissions if they need to be able to preview displays.


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    Paul Mortimer

    Thank you Patrick,

    This issue is resolved as far as I can see, and as a bonus it convinced my Content Editor to accept the new Rise Editor !

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