Rise Player for Chrome OS Is Here



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    Graeme Davies

    Great to hear! 

    I'm currently running 17 players (managed) with what previous was the unsupported version of Rise Vision (ilcmohdkjfcfekfmpdppgoaaemgdmhaa). Through the Chrome Web Store I can see that this version has now been updated. Are there any steps I need to take to update to the supported version? I currently have restricted the Chrome version to 49.*

    I will say I am super cautious to make any significant changes as I really don't want to have to re-install rise / reset the display IDs as It would be a massive headache to do so.


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    Rudi Bravo

    Hi Graeme,

    Your displays should update automatically and you won't be required to re-install Rise Player or reset Displays IDs.

    For the best experience, we recommend you remove the Chrome version restriction and follow our steps to allow Rise Player to control the OS Version, like it's described here


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    Gregory Ashe

    All our ChromeOS displays went offline this morning )-: I have applied the latest settings as advised to the org unit in Device Management and restarted the Chrome device but it is stuck on Waiting for Application Window. Any ideas?

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    Patrick Arsenault

    Hi Greg,

    We received your support ticket and we're keeping an eye on the displays.  Two of them have already updated on their own, so it looks like something is just causing the update to take a long time on these devices.  I suspect that all four should update eventually, but we'll keep watching it.



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    Andrew Kletke

    I'm also running several displays that are unmanaged and are not licensed. I see that the majority of my displays updated overnight to the new supported version. I had to reboot every display this morning to get images to work properly as it was not loading any images. I do still see that the licensed features do still operate on the free unlicensed displays. At what point will these features stop functioning and I have to license each display? This is an added cost to what we are used to paying. And with it being a substantial cost for our deployment we are now evaluating other signage management options. Which I hope we land back and continue to use RV, but we still have to go through the process. 

    Also, is it required for these devices to be managed or is it just a suggestion? I would assume it's just to keep the supported Chrome OS version in check? That adds a bit of cost to my deployment as well.



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    Robb Price

    Hi there Andrew,

    Just to confirm on your Displays that updated to the new version automatically and were showing a blank screen instead of images, are they set to automatically restart every night? If you're still having issues with them, any chance you can email support@risevision.com with a couple of the Display ID's so we can do some digging to figure out what may be going on there?

    Regarding when the Free Displays will no longer show Licensed Display content, you can read all about that here. The section I think will matter the most to you is this: You can continue to use everything you currently have at the price you’re currently paying until your renewal after June 12, 2019. At that time, after June 12, 2019, the above changes will go into effect.

    At this time we only support devices that are managed, and you are exactly right, it is to exert greater control over the devices. 

    I hope that helps, but please let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Andrew Kletke

    Yes they are set to restart every night at 2am. I believe that is the default. No issues this morning. I do still have one display that hasn't auto upgraded. I'll probably pull that one and do a manual update on it.

    Thanks for the rest of the information. That will give us some time to finish our due diligence. 

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    First Presbyterian

    I was thrilled to see that Rise Vision is officially supporting Chrome OS again. I’ve tried Windows player devices, but much prefer the experience on Chrome OS. Thank you!

    However, our Chrome OS displays started freezing from time to time since the player update about the time that this announcement was made. The devices will still receive reboot signals and reboot even when frozen. The thumbnail in the displays interface typically shows the time the same as what is on the display, but when I ask for a refresh, it says that it can’t retrieve an update. Any idea of what we should try? We already reboot every morning.

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