Using/Capturing data from Mosaic Back of House BOH



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    Shea Darlison

    Hey Trevor, 

    I've never worked with Mosaic but if there is an XML feed available you could potentially import data from that that using IMPORTXML. Here's a very simple example I put together: 

    Hope that helps. 


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    Trevor Scanlan

    Hey Shea!

    I don't see a way to export the XML. Here is what I see. If I'm misunderstanding your question, I apologize. And thank you for the response. The meal data doesn't appear until the "LUNCH" link is clicked.


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    Shea Darlison

    Hi Trevor, 

    What you have open there is the HTML of the page which is different from an XML feed that contains just the data. Some webapps provide an XML feed or JSON feed to export your data but they might not.

    If you have a rep with Mosaic I would suggest contacting them and asking if they have a way to export your menu data from Mosaic into a Google Sheet or digital signage software. They might have some ideas as they've probably gotten similar requests before. 


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