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    Kaden Christensen

    Hello Jason,


    Thank you for the feature request! I will pass this along, however we don't currently have any plans to support additional hardware. This may change in the future as we have more demand for additional supported platforms such as AppleTV.


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    Raul Navarro

    Our school district is rolling out 1:1 with iPads, also prividing macbooks and AppleTVs. We would like to move away from chromebits and use AppleTV hardware as we can push apps and configuration profiles at will.

    Bumping this request. Don't let that "need more demand" excuse bit you in the butt later in the near future. There are companies out there now that are supporting AppleTV. If we can get the commodities of RiseVision's feature and the accessible price that this company continues to offer, it would be fantastic and wouldn't lose customer.

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    Justin Lewis

    We have been relatively pleased with Risevision over the years we’ve had the service.  However, as our campuses have nearly completed the switch to exclusively Apple hardware, I am going to be moving to a Apple TV based solution for our digital signage.  I’ve never been especially pleased with the Ubuntu boxes we have (they’ve aged badly), and with our tech staff focused on Apple devices, I can’t justify upgrading our media players to new Ubuntu/Windows boxes when Apple TV’s are working so well for us in all other areas on campus.  


    I’d love to still use the Risevision front end only with Apple Tv’s for my hardware —- I’ve always felt Risevision’s price/performance was very fair, my content creators are happy, and my service/support interactions have always been positive.  I’d hate to have to switch to an unknown because I’m locked into windows/ubuntu boxes that would not only be one-off’s in our environment (creating an additional burden on tech staff to understand and maintain unfamiliar hardware), but would be unmanageable, as they aren’t tvOS devices. 


    I know I’m not alone in moving in the same direction in the education space, so i bump this, as well.  Any updated thoughts on supporting the Apple TV.  I’d rather wait a few months if something was being considered than make a move and something be introduce shortly after.  Conversely,  If this simply isn’t something you are considering, I might as well move forward with  plans to upgrade media players and move to a different service provide in the near term. 



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    Dennis Blair

    I am hoping that RiseVision will soon develop an App that run on an AppleTV.

    Many of our TV displays are dual purpose.  We use them for digital signage, then can switch to using them for meetings using AirPlay or with Ditto.  This requires two different solutions to drive the features.  

    If we could run everything from the AppleTV we would have much better performance, with less hardware.

    PLEASE - Try to make this a priority!

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    Robb Price

    Hi there Dennis,

    At this time developing our App for the AppleTV is not a priority, and to be completely honest, with our current path, I am not sure this is something we are ever going to investigate.

    I appreciate you bringing it up though.

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    Chris Miller

    Hi all,

    We are just starting out with your product and really like it.  But I have to agree, many schools are moving to Apple TVs and have a method for management.  It is also a very cost effect solution for school and offers great processing power to handle video.  

    I would encourage you to look to develop a tvOS app. 



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    Robb Price

    Thanks Chris!

    As I told Dennis, as this time it is not a priority, but we will be sure to let people know if this changes.

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