Embedded Presentation Size



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    Iain Brew

    I also have the same question. I have 1920x1080 landscape full screen presentations, however I also want to put two of them scaled to 1080 wide above each other on a single 1080x1920 portrait display. 

    Right now the content displays, however at 100% with the bottom/right hand side truncated. 

    Is there a way to override this or add some code into the javascript element to scale?

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    Kaden Christensen

    Hi Kendrick and Iain,

    Embedded Presentations do not scale to the size of the placeholder. The placeholder must be set to the same resolution as the Embedded Presentation for it appear correctly. We don't currently have a way to set it to scale to placeholders with a different resolution.


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    Kendrick Durham

    Can we add a feature request to make these scalable?  From my end this feature is pretty useless if the embedded presentation always has to be the same size as the placeholder for this to display correctly.  We used this feature pretty extensively when it was available under the old editor and never had a problem scaling to different placeholder sizes, so this is a step backwards to lose functionality from the free version of old to the paid version of today.

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