Raspberry Pi Crash



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    Colby Maughan

    Hello Dallas,

    If it's just a slideshow of images, the RP3 shouldn't have too many issues. Can you let me know what resolution you're running your presentations at, as well as which version of Raspbian your RP3 is running? 

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    Dallas Dituri

    Raspbian Version: 9

    Resolution: 1920x1080

    The Raspberry Pi is set up to display at 1920x1080 instead of the default 1366x768.

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    Kaden Christensen

    Hi Dallas,

    Thank you for the information! Since Raspberry Pis are not very powerful devices, it's very possible your Pis are getting overloaded from Displaying those images.

    You can verify if your Pi is getting overloaded by following the steps in this guide: Is my Presentation too taxing for my Media Player? 

    If you find that your Pi is getting overloaded, then you can try reducing the number of images or the resolution of the images. You can also try converting the image to a different format as mentioned in this guide: Convert an Image to use with the Image Widget


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