How about a better text editor?



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    Darius Aleksas

    technically speaking you can switch to 'code view' inside the text editor and add lists and tables with the simple HTML. or use HTML widget for that (that is what I do). But I hear what you are saying and I have been saying the same thing a long time ago. Nothing changed because RV has been busy with other stuff. And I would be very surprised if anything changed after this post.

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    Robb Price

    Heard loud and clear Leif, I've asked the Dev team to take a look at this post to see if this can be added to the "to do" list :)


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    Leif Ottosson

    @Darius Yes, I can code a simple table but very few of my customers can and they are the ones that need it.

    @Robb It should be added to the "Just do it" list... ;-)

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