Image Widget does not load images when on WiFi



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    Colby Maughan

    Hello Darius,

    I can't say I've seen many reports of this or experienced it myself. Is this a recent development, or have you had this issue for a while? Are you able to run these players on a wired connection? If so, does that resolve the image widget issue? 

    It would be worth submitting a ticket for this if you're consistently running into the issue. We'd be happy to take a look here and see if we need to forward this along to the developers for a patch. 

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    Darius Aleksas

    Colby, I will look into this later. I can wire one of the players, but the second can only get WiFi Internet. The signal is good, though. However, both players are on the weak side: 1st gen. Intel Stick and Azulle Byte 3 (dual-core?). Another interesting detail... Images also show when used as placeholder backgrounds. I've seen people complaining bout the same problem before. I am leaning towards the theory that weaker devices cannot always handle the Image Widget (again, the images are properly sized and have proper resolution, so rule that out).

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