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    Robb Price

    Hi there!

    Typically when this occurs, it could be a couple of different things:

    1. Content is not set to play, or load at this time, so it is sitting waiting to display something.
    2. There is a network block that is preventing the Rise Vision Player from starting successfully. You'll want to make sure that all these sites have access to the device: https://help.risevision.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002459246-Rise-Player-network-requirements

    If neither of those are the issue, shoot us an email at support@risevision.com and we can work with you to determine what the issue may be!

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    Stephanie Cory

    We have been having the same issue.  It doesn't happen on all of our displays, only 3 of the 8.  It seems like every time I make an update to a presentation that shows on all of the displays, it causes 3 of them to come up with the gray spinning circle screen.  The only fix is rebooting the player.  This has been happening for the past 3-4 weeks.  Any suggestions?


    We have checked our network connections to verify they are set to the specs you have listed above.

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    Patrick Arsenault

    Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    I think this may be a bug.  I'll create a ticket for you and reach out to you there, so we can take a closer look and hopefully resolve it.


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    Sergio Narciso

    Hi there,


    Just to let you know that we have the same issue, only appear in some displays, tried to change mp4 to webm but the problem is the same. Even after restart the player the issue appear imediatly.


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    Robb Price

    Hi there Sergio!


    I think you may be affected by an issue that we recently discovered, so I have created a support ticket so we can reach out to you and let you know once this is corrected. 


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