Ticky Widget does not wrap-around



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    Robb Price

    Hi there Derek!

    That is a great suggestion! And actually, Rise Vision did not build the Ticky Widget, it as created and is maintained by the team over at Computer Aid, who have several cool Widgets being used in Rise Vision.

    I would suggest shooting them an email requesting that, and see if this is something they could add to the functionality of the Widget. You can reach them atrvsupport@compaid.com

    Let me know what you hear back!

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    Derek Smith


    I wrote to this address, but my query received neither a response nor an acknowledgement it had been received.

    I'd really like to solve this problem as it is a diminution of the utility of the original ticker-tape widget or gadget.

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    Patrick Arsenault

    Hi Derek,

    I did a bit of research thinking I could find an embeddable alternative, but it sounds like with the deprecation of the <marquee> tag this is a more complicated problem than it first seems.

    There's a solution at this link that does effectively the same thing using CSS and eloquently describes the problem with wrapping the text and manipulating the trailing padding.  After playing with it a little, it seems like the biggest issue would be that the text will "jump" and disappear when the animation re-arms, which causes it to look really janky.  This is easily mitigated by having the text be off-screen.

    It isn't the effect you're looking for, but the vertical news ticker solution seen in this article looks pretty sweet and manages to always display its text.  This is because the animation re-arms by scrolling back to the top of the feed, so there aren't any visual tricks to be played to mask the existing text.

    I hope that helps, or at least gives you some ideas to play with until Computer Aid gets back to you.  Hopefully, they will be in touch soon.



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    Derek Smith

    Thanks, Patrick. I will check it out and get back to you.



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