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    Tyler Wight

    Hi Chris,


    If I am understanding your idea correctly, you should be able to achieve this within our software using our scheduling. You can schedule both full presentations, and if you need more control you can even schedule specific items within the presentation. Information on that is here:



    If you have any specific questions related to scheduling please contact us at, thanks!

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    Chris Miller

    Hi Tyler,

    I understand I can do scheduling, but if we have a snow day, I have to go and re-schedule all future days.  If I have a google sheet file that had the info, it is MUCH MORE easy to manipulate the data, and I only have one "presentation".  I image there would be other uses, too...

    I could place the Lunch for Today on one screen, simply updating the google sheet.  I can  customize the placements of the fields on the screen.  


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    Will Welch


    I created a proof of concept for our middle school (they did not use it in the end), but below are a few screenshots of what it looks like. The basic idea is a spreadsheet with two sheets. First one is a schedule for the entire year. The second one is what feeds RiseVision and will only show "today's" schedule. The schedule is added to RV using the spreadsheet widget showing only a selected range and formatting each column separately. I also played around with adding some HTML formatting ("<span style='color:red'>Day</span>") within the spreadsheet itself. The final result can be seen at the end.


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    Chris Miller

    WILL - THANK YOU!  I will work on this next snow day I get!  That seems to be what I am looking for!

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