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    Darius Aleksas

    You are not being very specific, but I assume you are talking about the time/date widget and RV Apps get time from the player. If the time is off there, then it is off in RV too. In addition, the player may get time from the local network, and I've had situations when the player's time was constantly falling back to the incorrect time set on the local network.

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    Joe McGrath

    You were correct. The computer had the wrong time even though it was set to get the time from the internet.

    I suspect that it isn't pulling it correctly from our local time server  which is correct but I changed it and it seemed to stay correct even after I set it back to get the time from the internet.

    I imagine the problem will stay solved until the next power outage or DST change when I will have to correct the issue of connecting to the time server. 


    Thank you. 

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