New Template! History - On This Day 📅⏳



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    Lorene Gallo

    Hi   I really like this template.  Where does the history info come from.... I was looking to verify it is appropriate for school before putting it on our TVs by checking the information it will be pulling from each day...  thank you so much for creating such a cool template..  :o)  Lori 

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    Peter Cameron

    Hi Lorene, 

    Thanks for the comment, and we are really happy to hear you like the Template. Currently the information is being taken from the day in history lists on these websites:

    We pick 3 events to show from each day, so have tried to focus on major milestones, achievements and historical events that would be suitable for a K-12 audience.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions, and thanks again for the comment!


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