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    Darius Aleksas

    Chris, it is flipping because you did not schedule correctly the time frame when the YT stream is visible. I am guessing. You must specify 7:30 to 7:50 M-F in the scheduling settings:

    1. Open schedule

    2. Click on the Playlist's Item you want to schedule

    3. Un-Check 'Always' @ Timeline

    4. Click today's date and Edit Timeline.


    You need to do that only for the YT Video Item

    Moreover,  you do not even need multiple presentations for that. All can be done in a single presentation.

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    Darius Aleksas

    Interesting player choice, though. I tried Pi for videos and it failed miserably.

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    Chris Miller

    As for the Pi... I noticed and overheat issue with it if the video on to long.  I am just experimenting now to implement next school year.  If we get the over heat issue still, will ad the PoE/Fan Hat to it.  


    As for the schedule.  Did that.  Deleted what I had and followed your steps directly.  Every 10 seconds it bounces between YT LIVE and the Default.  

    On the YT Live schedule, when doing it, I made sure PUD is deselected, changed the time (in seconds) to match the time I wanted the slide to show, 5min = 500sec.  I think it is working.  


    I choose this method as tech services will be managing the displays and schedules (looking to use them as displays outside each classroom for 8 teachers to start).  This our "override" so no matter what the teacher does on the presentation, we set the schedule for the YT Live.  


    FEATURE REQUEST... sort of like the CAP, I would like to be able to set a schedule and choose all or some displays.  I want that to OVERRIDE and content already playing on the displays.  It would help for after school events.  I want all the displays to say the same thing, but don't want to program each display for a 30 minute content.  

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    Robb Price

    Hi Chris,

    We typically don't recommend the Pi at all for video, mainly due to the issues both you and Darius seem to have discovered already.

    Thanks for that feature request, I know we have discussed something similar in the past, so the Apps team is aware of this request and has it in their "To Investigate" list :)


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