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    Darius Aleksas

    For photos digitizing... Scanner and Photoshop. I would start creating a blank file in Photoshop... RGB 72dpi @ 1920X1080 (typical screen resolution and color mode). Then import scanned images as different layers. To save some scanning time... scan a few images at a time and crop them as needed. Not all the photos will match 1920X1080 aspect ratio; therefore you gonna need to compromise by cropping something out. If that is not an option with some photos, there is a trick: duplicate the layer > enlarge the bottom image to fill the entire layer and blur it> merge both layers.

    For touchscreens... go with ELO screens. They are more expensive, but I've had '0' problem with them over the years now of using them. Extremely reliable and have great software for controlling multi-touches and swiping. Great customer support. My second choice is Planar. Windows player for Rise Vision.

    For software... the most basic album just use RV Image Folder option, which allows you to play all of the images from a folder by autoplay or scrolling arrows. For something more elaborate think along this webpage lines. I find both Mobile jQuery or Bootstrap as excellent tools for interactive displays because they have everything you need and are very easy to compile. Another option is CMS website such as Wordpress or Joomla... more elaborate way without really needing to compile anything.

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