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    Robb Price

    Thanks for sharing these ideas Larry! 

    I've shared with these our creative team!

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    Robb Price

    I should also mention Larry,

    You can see all of our templates here:, several of the ones you suggested appear to already be there!

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    Darius Aleksas

    Oh man, there were soooo many things suggested and promised in the past, some were implemented and then quietly removed (!!!). Most of it never came to life. I am afraid to suggest anything now because hardly anything gets implemented anyway, and they 'are currently focused on something else, and they will let us know...'

    Most of the proposed templates can easily be done right now, and you can easily do it yourself without waiting on them. Some already are available.

    What I really find annoying is RV fixation on schools. I assume they sell a lot for schools and that is great, but business-oriented templates are completely ignored. I can bet that most of us here do not sell primarily for schools. We find 80% of these templates useless and especially these that aren't editable in the back (HTML). There is no added value for us.

    And how about interactive templates? This is what businesses want now. I would love to see APPS/WIDGETS that could help me with this. I can say we are losing major contracts to TouchSource because they have useful widgets for building directories and hospitality signage.

    Furthermore, I believe WHITE LABELING is in order now as we started paying for this product. I feel like RV is taking advantage of us as their sales-people to push their product ... and we also pay for this ... that makes me feel really stupid here. Imagine me trying to sell their product for our local schools ... ridiculous.

    I am sorry for this frustration filled post. The guys are awesome when they are and I honestly wish them the best.

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    Shea Darlison

    Hi Darius,

    I've shared your feedback regarding interactive templates with our creative team.

    Long term we also want to make it possible for people to use our HTML and create their own templates that can be edited using Rise Vision. This is an important goal for us.

    To be transparent, white labeling is not on our roadmap. If white labeling is really important for your organization I think you may want to consider a digital signage service that offers it already.

    With that said, looking ahead, I think some of the items we have on our roadmap will make you happy and are being implemented because of your great feedback.


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    Mat Meiers

    Hi Larry, great ideas on the Templates!

    I think you will be pleased with the future Templates we plan to deploy as a lot of the ideas you have stated are in line with our future plans. You can also modify a lot of our existing templates to meet most of these requirements.

    In fact, as Robb stated a lot might already be there and you might not even know it. Admittedly, it can be difficult to search and find the exact Templates you are looking for. Something we plan to improve in the future. In the meantime, I thought I'd help out by providing some keywords to search by to point you in the right direction.  

    Trivia Question and Answer of the Day

    • We have a "Pop Quiz", "STEM Facts" and "Space Trivia" Templates. The ones that update regularly will have a label on thumbnail indicating so.

    Funny of the Day 
    • We're actually currently working on this right now, stay tuned!
    Only XX Days till (Spring, Holiday, etc.) 
    • I would search for "countdown". We've recently released ones for Gameday, General Events, Spring and other holidays. 9 in total.
    Quote of the day 
    • We have an "education inspiration quote", "library book quote" and "earth month quote" Templates.

    • I would suggest searching for "Weather". We've recently released a new batch of weather Templates. We currently have 7 in total, soon to be more.

    Templates available for all holidays/national events
     We actually have a Template called "Welcome and National Day" that updates daily to show the current national day. We are striving to cover all holidays if there is a particular one you think we're missing please submit it as a suggestion in the form below. 

    Interesting Fact of the Day 
    I might suggest checking out "History - On This Day". It updates daily to show a fact that happened on that particular day.
    Here is a form where you can submit any specific suggestions you may have in the future.
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