Matrox QuadHead2Go and RiseVision



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    Darius Aleksas

    Jake, I have a 3X1080p display setup running off a single PC and single RV Display App. But I did it in a different way from what you are planning. I believe i5 NUC with 4GB of RAM should do it, but I do not know for sure. I am not familiar with Matrox QuadHead2Go, bu tI see it is quite expensive. Plus you need expensive NUC to drive only 3 1080p displays. In my case, I simply built a MINI-ITX PC with a video card capable of running 3 displays. It was 3+years ago and I did not have many video card options, but in the end, I managed to build a PC for around $500-600. In my case, every display is showing different content, so I needed 3X1080 desktop and a presentation of the same size (for this you need to manually edit one of the RV's config files), but if all 3 displays will be showing the same, you can just duplicate the same desktop to all 3 displays and keep your presentation @1080p.

    Also, this is something I never tried, but there are HDMI splitters. Also, one NUC can run 2 displays, so maybe 2-way or 3-way HDMI splitter could do?


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    Jake Kirkpatrick

    Ideally, i'm looking for a setup that supports the following scenarios depending upon the advertising campaign without investing too heavily in a system.

    Scenario 1

    • Display A:  Synchronized with Display C
    • Display B:  Independent video playing, but ending at the same time as Display A & C.
    • Display C: Synchronized with Display A

    Scenario 2

    • Display A, B, C All synchronized with same content

    Scenario 3

    • Display A, B, C, running different content but synchronized screen transitions

    The only way I've been able to come up with making this happen using RiseVision is to attempt to create 1 large virtual monitor with a single video that compiles what would be on Display A, B, and C into one video spanning all 3 screens, since RiseVision does not support synchronization between players.  

    I'm not opposed to building a PC, but would rather use an OOB solution if possible.

    I'm also curious if anyone has used the following configuration in a 1x3 setup.

    • Monitor 1:  HDMI out
    • Monitor 2: DisplayPort
    • Monitor 3: DisplayPort

    Monitor 2 & 3 would be created using the DP out on the NUC using something similiar to this:


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    Darius Aleksas

    I tried before the dual monitor setup with an older NUC using HDMI and DVI and it worked no problem.

    I just tested on my 3-display set up and I could run 2 display setup where the 3rd is a clone of one of 2 ... instead of A+B+C I was making A+B+B or A+B+A.


    I am a bit confused here. Do you want the same video on 3 displays like repeated or do you want to span the same video across 3 displays like a single video split-in 3? That is important for how you tackle this.

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