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    Blake Freeman


    We’re just as disappointed as you are with Google’s decision to deprecate Chrome Apps. We’re looking into solutions that will ensure we can continue to have Chrome OS as one of our supported operating systems. 

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    Sean Groomes

    +1 to port this to Android

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    Wendi Borden

    Following, as 99% of our boxes are also Chrome. This is affecting the signage world all over though, as I can report our other solution will be in a similar boat.

    Another thing to note is the AUE (Automatic Update Expiration) of your boxes. We had / have several CN60 Chromeboxes out in the wild that have unfortunately hit this date as of last September. This being our first reason to use ChromeOS for our business, I'm just now learning about this. It's another headache, and that in itself could be a reason an upgrade would be needed as well.

    We're interested in playing with some Android apps on Chrome, but at this time our fleet is mostly older boxes that don't support it. As attractive as Chrome used to be (especially with the $24/yr Single-App-Kiosk license), the Chrome App deprecation, AUE dates hitting older machines, and the licenses jumping to $50/yr, we are seriously re-considering the Chromebox route and looking into Ubuntu and Android for the future of our signage. We had Ubuntu boxes previous to our venture with RiseVision and still have over 100 in the field as regular customers with minimal issues. Chrome has been pretty reliable, just very unsure about it as a solution moving forward.

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