Enable Common Alerting Protocol (CAP)




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    Zack Ciaramitaro


    We are looking at adding an alert presentation to tie in with our emergency alert system used on campus(E2Campus). Following the instructions outlined in this article, how would we go about changing the text (headline, description, instructions) of the shared template outlined above? Or would it just be easier to create our own unique presentation? If we were to go the route of creating our own presentation, would we simply select it from the drop-down menu in step 5 part 2?



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    Blake Freeman

    Hi Zack!

    In order to change the text, while you're in the Presentation you'll need to click the View HTML link in the bottom left.

    Once there, you can take a look at the <head> tag. Within the <head> tag are the font formatting options for headline, description, instructions.

    Additionally down in the <body> tag, you'll see a background link. You can change this background to another hosted image if you prefer!

    We would love to see what you come up with. After you get your CAP Presentation set up to your liking, if you have the time, could you share it in our Community?

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